23rd December 2017

This is the Lords of Light to give you a Christmas message. As Christmas approaches you are all reminded of a mythical manger scene which tells of the coming of a great Teacher.

Although the story is not entirely accurate, the message is…… Love, Peace and Goodwill to all men. This great Teacher was able, during his relatively short time on Earth, to gather a team of workers to eventually spread his teachings all over the Globe.

It is the time again to do a similar thing. We, in the Spiritual Hierarchy, are very much aware that this is not an easy task. In the World full of greed, scepticism and darkness you need to replace it with acceptance, Love and Light.

With the hard work and sheer determination of so many people who wish to help with the spreading of the new Lightwave, boundaries are being broken. We are delighted at what is taking place and the progress that is being made.

No act of kindness, however small, goes unnoticed and you are the Stars that are bringing Light to the World again.