26th April 2015

Your answer lies not in how to neutralize (war intentions) but how to change the consciousness of your planet. Once the desire for power has turned into aggression there is not a lot to be done. What we are aiming to do is to go to the source of the psyche of mankind to try to neutralize this innate quest for power.
There will always be world leaders who are forced to comply with the demands from those they serve. What we are talking about is the general populace who are being contaminated by what you call the “Modern World”, which at this moment means the massive invasion of the New Technology which is crippling the minds of your children who are future adults.
What can be done? Well, on a Spiritual level we can raise the consciousness but don’t underestimate the power of visualization. It doesn’t take as many people as you might think to get together as a collective mind to visualize the war-torn areas and replace fear, hatred and search for power with love and forgiveness.
An individual persons’ thoughts are very powerful: what would happen if like minds are joined for a collective quest for good? You could start a movement with your group of meditators.