10th February 2016

We are Beings of Light who are the embodiment of unconditional Love. We are not Enlightened as you are for we have no physical body which is necessary in order to be Enlightened.
We Love you and are aware of much suffering that is prevalent on Earth. We do not feel the suffering, as our Energies, our Frequencies are high, but we empathize with you and would like to help. The way in which we can do so is by helping you to raise the collective Consciousness of the Earth. This is achieved by as many people as possible Meditating on Light and Sound and being Enlightened. Thus we have several planned periods of blanket Grace, including an extended period over the Easter, when Grace allows the changing of States.
We are very excited about the numbers who will receive the Light and Sound, and those who will expand from First to Second Initiation and of course to Enlightenment. Our hope is that all those of you who benefit will then, through Love, help others to follow this Path to Enlightenment. By doing so you will raise the Consciousness of this planet and its inhabitants.
Talk to Us. Reach out to Us and we will guide you and help you. Use the Spiritual Resonances we have given you to heal each other. Love knows no bounds. Demonstrate your Love for each other and for all Humanity and the Earth and respect the animal kingdom.