22nd November 2016

“Everything has a frequency – even the Earth itself. It is like its blueprint or signature. Each person, animal or inanimate object vibrates at its own unique frequency. Nothing vibrates at exactly the same frequency. It’s a bit like snowflakes, each one has its own form, no two flakes are the same.
If we were to take a Human Being and raise their Consciousness by Meditating on the Light and Sound, to then become Enlightened it would not change his original vibrational frequency or blueprint.
If however, the frequency of the Earth and its inhabitants was raised, the Human race would be operating at an entirely different level – which means a whole new way of living. It would be hards to imagine what that would be like. There is a lot more to come on that subject, but first we must look at the way things are at the moment.
We need to raise the collective Consciousness of the Planet so that people would be ready for that big change. It might sound Utopian but what we are talking about is a united World where Love prevails.”