1st January 2017

We wish to send the following message as the New Year begins for you.
It is with great pleasure that we observe the Earth Lighting up, as many of you Meditate, during this Grace period.
The new Adepts, First and Second Initiates among you need to consolidate their realisations. And if possible to spend time reflecting on their new State of Being and what it really means. Don’t be in a hurry to be concerned with Worldly affairs, just be in the Stillness for as long as you are able.
By being strong in yourselves you will then be able to be a beacon of Light and an example to others. Try not to judge but send Love and find Beauty and Stillness that lives in all of you. Show kindness to everyone. Be Fearless in your dealings with other people when it comes to talking about your experiences on the Path of Meditation.
Show Wisdom.
Speak your Truth
Show Love and Compassion to yourselves and others.