Testimonial (G.D.)

Testimonial (G.D.)


I had always had a spiritual calling from a young age but didn’t really know what it was. I felt there was something greater than what organized religion offered but didn’t know what it was. From 15 to 30 years old I read and searched for happiness usually in self destructive and materialistic ways.

At 30 I stopped mind altering substances and realized outside “things” don’t make us fulfilled it has to be an inside job, so I read and practiced Eastern philosophies (meditating) for 13 years. I felt better but something was still missing.

I was then guided to Sant Mat light and sound practices in which I was initiated and experienced light for 18 years. I still felt there was more so I prayed for a simpler light and sound practice. I was guided to the Spiritual Hierarchy website made contact with a Teacher and was given a mantra. He lined up an initiation one month off and I was inspired, meditating up to four hours a day.

I was initiated October 27th 2018 with nine strangers. I went with total trust in my Teacher and the Hierarchy with openness and no expectations. It was the most amazing experience of my life! I had previously shared experiences with my Teacher and he let me know my Guides were coming to me.

At initiation I connected with the Sound realizing I had been hearing it my whole life. I was catapulted through different planes of Light into a place of Peace and Nothingness where there was no beginning or end, I was not my body or mind but this beautiful Being connected with Everything. At one point a Being came to me in a chariot of gold and white Light saying to me trust in Us. I opened my heart with a “yes” and was taken to a place of total unconditional Love.

For the next week I just wanted to meditate, doing 6 to 8 hours a day, experiencing three separate times going through circular spheres to planes of just Being (no mind no body). I now have complete desire to help pass this gift on to as many people as possible.

After being confirmed (but already knowing) that I had attained Enlightenment, I have been told by the Hierarchy that my life’s purpose is to be an open channel for their messages with Their guidance. I am finally at peace, knowing and feeling what my life’s purpose is.

I offer to anyone to please be open and experience this gift so that we can come from Love and pass on this Love to everyone.