20th November 2016

We are the Lords of Light.
As things progress, We in the spiritual Realms and you on Earth must be aware of the changes that need to be made, if this LIghtwave is to have the end result We desire. That is, to change the Consciousness of the Planet by having mass Initiations, to get the required amount of Spiritual Light and Love to the World.
We have released an enormous amount of Spiritual Energy, more than ever before in recent times.
Perhaps now it’s time to move the focus to other Continents and spread the Energy round a bit more. This is not in any way to abandon people but just to push the boundaries and to take the LIghtwave in other directions too.
There are enough Adepts now in South America to work themselves to Initiate and make people aware of the unique opportunity that exists.
The way Spirituality has always worked is to give Humanity a chance to bring Peace and Love to each other. Also to bring Knowledge of the higher Dimensions and to take people away from the gross materialism that exists.
This opportunity is around NOW – please heed Us.