14th April 2015

1. When you reach your goal another will always appear.Therefore make no thing your goal if you seek Enlightenment.
2. Goals are penalties on the field of life. They trick you into playing the game.
3. Time is the illusion that we are moving too slowly
4. Expect nothing and All will be revealed.
5. Direction leads to separation: no direction leads to Enlightenment.
6. The river flows yet it is still there.
7. In the beginning was the Word: before the beginning was Silence. In the beginning was the Light: before the beginning was Darkness.
8. Our perception is limited by our ability to resonate with Truth.
9. Being in thoughts centres us in the world: being outside thoughts centres us somewhere else.
10. Being within limits brings security: being outside limits brings Freedom.
11. Never give so that you can receive: always be receptive so that you can give.
12. Silence cannot be found in sound: but Sound can be found in Silence.
13. Darkness cannot be found in light: but Light can be found in Darkness.
14. Ends and beginnings are separations of thought.
15. When we look in any one direction we miss Everything.
16. The Cause is only the beginning of that which is.
17. That that is, is: that that is not – is God.
18. When knowledge gives way to acceptance – Truth has a chance.
19. The Answer is revealed when the questioning stops.
20. Knowing truth is ignorance: being completely Ignorant is Truth.
21. In the End there is no beginning: in the Beginning there is no end.
22. When we live we die: when we Die we Live.
23. When you bow down to everything around you will discover that Everything is bowing to you.
24. Let the self be truly grateful so that gratitude may reveal Self.
25. A mirror reflects self looking at Self and then shows the mirror to be an illusion.
26. Emptiness is just the illusion of Potential.
27. Colour occurs when Light dissolves and melody when Sound dissolves…both beautiful expressions of Eternal Oneness.
28. When we disappear we are found Everywhere.
29. The spirit of Essence is the essence of Spirit.
30. As Above, so below:one is the reflection of the Self, the other the self reflected as One.
31. Time waits for no man, but ultimately no man can wait for time: It is merely the illusion by which we measure change.
32. The further we travel the more things we leave behind. Therefore find somewhere from which it is impossible to travel, so that nothing will ever be lost.
33. A thought is just a frame from the film of life. Don’t get caught up in the plot: seek the Writer!