1st October 2017

It must be understood that Everything is One – A fundamental Principle. Each atom that makes the Universe at large comes from the same Source which can be referred to as God.
Following that fundamental Principle it means that Everything in the Universe is One – which is God. In connecting a person with the Light and Sound it means that they are Meditating on the Manifestation of that Source. It could be said that people are actually Meditating on Themselves, meaning the Highest part of Them.
This is the Journey that is taken by an individual to find his True Nature – which is God.
A person Meditating has the choice of whether to “let go” of earthly concerns. If they do then their Journey will be relatively simple and they will reach the Source (Enlightenment) quickly and easily. A person who takes only fears and worries into their Meditations won’t have such an easy time. They may have trouble contacting the Energies (Light and Sound) and may need help from a more experienced Meditator.
Either way the Goal can be reached. The full realization and the connection with the Source is beyond anything that has ever been experienced prior to. The Joy, the Peace and the Love is Immeasurable and is Impossible to describe or understand.
It has been called “The Peace that passeth all Understanding” for good reasons.