15th October 2017

We, the Lords of Light will be giving you some inspiring words on Initiation – it should be seen as a mystery, otherwise Initiates will see it as an intellectual exercise and won”t “let go” into the Majesty and Beauty of that which can be observed.
It should also be said that what is observed shows the Initiate the things they have to learn in order to grow and move forward. The Energies of Light and Sound are the perfect Teachers, They Know exactly what the pupil needs and will keep showing them until the pupil has understood.
To be Initiated onto a Spiritual Path through Light and Sound is all about learning and growing. Yes, you may see amazing phenomena along the way – but learn to observe and let go, rather than becoming attached to the visuals.
As in life’ if you get too much involved in any one thing sometimes it stops you from moving on. For instance, you may be in a job you dislike and need to make a change. The Light and Sound will show you the way if you ask. Always ask!